Intimate Desires is an online sex toy store that sells couples sexual aids and other high quality adult products to people from Brisbane, Australia.

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To ensure discretion-the business name "Devil's Den" is used for our PayPal shopping cart and bank statements.
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kama sutra sex dice

Kama Sutra Dice


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heavenly love cheques

Love Cheques


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kandy kondoms sex product

Kandy Kondoms


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foreplay bath salts and sex cards

Bath Salts & Cards


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fetish magic massage kit

Magic Massage Kit


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lust card game for lovers

Lust Card Game


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edible finger paints

Edible Finger Paints


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erotic massage sex book

Erotic Massage


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sex toys for better sex video for couples

Toys for Better Sex


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horny honey sex arousal cream

Horny Honey


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play pens sex game

Play Pens


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kama sutra his and hers book

Kama Sutra (him/her)


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discover your lover adult board game

Discover Your Lover


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zini deux couple's sex vibrator

Zini Deux


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dual vibe couple's vibrator

Dual Vibe


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couple's delight vibrating sex toy

Couple's Delight



More About Adult Sex Toys for Couples

For more reasons than we can count, many adult couples have begun incorporating the use of sex toys and other sex products into their intimate times. You will find that some do so simply for the ability to enjoy more satisfying orgasmic pleasures, yet for many the benefits are more profound. These rewards can include elevated and more intimate levels of communication, understanding each other's needs and desires, and just plain fun!

For some couples the simple inclusion of a nice massage oil, or the use of lubrication can add a new element to their sexual enjoyment. Many also find that playing a card or board game to be a fun and enjoyable way to break down insecurities and sexual inhibitions. Other couples have discovered that the introduction of a vibrator into their sex play or possibly a dildo into their role-play activities can take their sexual experiences to a new level.

With all of that in mind, we must acknowledge that we are all different in our needs, wants, desires and especially our sexual turn-ons and turn-offs. However- it is very safe to say that by exploring together the adult sex products that are in (or close to) our comfort zones, the majority of couple's can discover and enjoy together new and exciting degrees of closeness, openness, and sexual enjoyment.

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